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Breads, Rolls and other baked products

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Breads Rolls & Bagels Specialties
(order 2 days in advance)
Ciabatta bread (weekends/order only)
Challah bread long
Combo bread long (rye+pumpernickle)
French bread
Italian bread long plain
Italian bread long sesame
Italian bread round
  * small / large
Eight grain bread
Irish soda bread
Multigrain bread
Pumpernickle bread long
  * small / large
Pumpernickle bread round
  * small / large
Rye bread plain
  * small / large
Rye bread seeded
  * small / large
Sour dough bread
Stuffed bread
  * broccoli
  * eggplant
  * pepperoni
  * sausage
  * spinach
Wheat bread
White bread

Fresh pizza dough (1 Lb)
  * cheese (order only)
  * cinnamon-raisin
  * everything
  * garlic
  * marble
  * onion
  * plain
  * poppy
  * pumpernickle
  * salt (order only)
  * sesame
  * whole wheat
Dinner rolls large
  * packed by a dozen
Dinner rolls small
  * packed by a dozen
Hard rolls
  * onion
  * plain
  * poppy
  * sesame
  * caraway (saltsticks)
  * poppy
Portuguese rolls
  * plain
  * onion
Pumpernickle rolls (order only)
Rye dough rolls (order only)
Sour dough rolls
Bread bowl (sour dough)
Challah bread round
  * plain / raisin
Fried dough
Garlic bread
Pesto bread
Pulman bread
Sub (braided)

We bake large variety of our breads and rolls every morning. Special orders or any large orders should be placed at least 12-24 hours in advance.